Performance Improvements in Excel 2010

Various performance improvements in Excel 2010 can help you interact with data more efficiently. Specific improvements include:

* Overall improvements in response to feedback from customers has been the performance of Excel 2010 improved in several areas. Excel 2010 is faster when you move and resize the chart, work in Page Layout and interact with the shapes on the worksheet.
* Support for larger data sets of Excel 2010 can handle the work books with large amounts of data more efficiently. Above all, it takes less time to perform activities normally done on larger data sets, such as filtering and sorting data, copy and paste data from one spreadsheet to another and use the fill feature to copy formulas.
* Multi-core: Improved multithreading in Excel 2010 helps you to speed up the process to retrieve, sort and filter data in pivot tables and Excel tables. Moreover, it is generally faster to open and save large files than before.
* Faster calculation If workbooks necessary for critical business processes within the organization can not estimate the speed be a bottleneck. In order to achieve faster calculation performance has Excel 2010 support for asynchronous, user-defined functions that can run simultaneously without using multiple Excel calculation threads. This is useful when you import data into spreadsheets in custom and in high performance computing (HPC scenarios).

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