Working With Data In Excel Lists

It is important to understand what lists of data in Excel are and how to create them. Too often, the structure and field names used in the data lists are not descriptive. This can cause problems when analyzing the data with the tools of Excel (Pivot Tables, Solver …).

When creating a list of data must be taken into account:

• All records in the list of data share the same field names. For example, field names used to store a single datum. For example, using multiple fields (name, first name and last name) instead of a single field (full name).
• All values of each field must be consistent. For example, if data from the Total Sales field with two decimal points, another record should not have four decimal places.
• No value of the fields should be empty, even if the value is unknown. In this case, you would enter 0. By leaving a blank data value, it can sometimes be difficult to make the calculations or the results we get are incorrect.
• It is better to create only one list in each spreadsheet. Tasks such as sorting, grouping and filtering work best when limited to single lists in a single worksheet.
• The field names should be descriptive but not too much. For example, a field called Name is more descriptive than a field called Country A. also a field called Total sales could be as easy to understand as a field called Total Sales shown in the bottom of an invoice.

These tips will help prevent errors in our calculations and we offer the possibility of using other tools of Excel more efficiently.

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